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Characters by Writer




Eilistraeens/Temple of the Silver Crescent

The Underground

House Goldmoon


Gods and Avatars


(Sorted, more or less, by plot grouping)

Tasnican Government

Tasnican Corporate

Grand Army

Mana Knight People

Scandian League



Jay 2K

Criminal Underworld

Pellanese Criminals and Others
  • Allan Seabairne -- Pellanese crime boss, 'The King of Whalebone Ave.'
  • Liam Stalwart -- Seabairne's right hand, ex-con
  • Danny-Boy -- Goron enforcer for Seabairne
  • Miz Rollsley -- Leader of the High Rollers Gang in the East End, queen of the casinos
  • Shelton Walsh -- Miz Rollsley's right hand, casino manager for the Club Roulette Casino.
  • Razor Chakram -- Bomb-maker, formerly from North Viper
  • Joey Numbaz -- Computer and accounting expert, a dusthead
  • Joss Nathan -- Leader of the Beggar's Reef Gang, gun and drug smuggling kingpin
  • Long Rufus Rafferty -- Leader of the Summat Dreadful Gang in Eldersden, self-styled 'Pimp Lord.'
  • Sharon Kaye -- Eldersden girl, opposed to Long Rufus Rafferty's rule
  • Tessie Bravo -- Eldersden girl, as close to a leader of the girls as she gets
  • Oliver Parks -- Chief of Police in Pell, Number One on Seabairne's hit list
  • Mike Belltonin -- Former Deputy Director of Education for Pell City Council, on Seabairne's hit list
  • Roger Jollins -- Deputy Director of Commerce for Pell City Council, on Seabairne's hit list

The Hazzardous Materiáles

  • Jack Darling -- frontman/lead vocalist/lead guitar
  • Ash Hooke -- bass guitar
  • Kyle Hennig -- drummer
  • Yonder Way -- keyboardist
  • Denton Strauss -- songwriter (deceased)



  • Brer Rabbey -- Big, bad voodoo priest, King of Malcovia
  • Healah Meran -- Cryptic voodoo priestess, specializes in healing and defense aspects of voodoo
  • Zom-Bones -- Undead simulacrum of Mister Bones made by Meran
  • Red Dread -- Zombified ex-drug dealer, servant of Meran
  • Dancin' Jammon -- Controversial voodoo priestess, specializes in complex "dancing" rituals
  • Massa Tremblo -- Cowardly voodoo priest, knowledgeable about the Loa
  • Brudda Matteu -- Respected voodoo priest, expert in voodoo herbs and powders, also a diviner


  • Eric 'Fasthand' Freed -- a (Probationary) Marshal, "best crackshot in the West"
  • Eagle Sharpe -- Notorious Western outlaw, former "best crackshot west of Walkerton" (deceased)
  • Travis Tooms -- "The One-Eyed Jack"; Highly-regarded Marshal (deceased)

The Bacon Wizard








  • Zynda -- MASS Agent, master of fusing magics



The Other Guardians

  • Pendouris, Doan -- The King of Guardia in the alternate universe, brought into the main Kupopolis timeline by Malcolm Quinn.
  • Pendouris, Elektra -- Doan's only daughter, also from the alternate universe. In her timeline, she was both the Princess of Guardia and the Knight Captain of the Knights of the Square Table. She has her own copy of the sword Masamune.
  • Pandora, Raju -- Elektra's husband, a Pandoran Prince from the alternate universe.
  • Blackton, Kai -- A Colonel in the GDF, formerly of the Twelfth Regiment. For about twenty minutes in his timeline, Kai Blackton was promoted by King Doan to Grand General of the Guardian Defense Forces. He was then demoted back to Colonel, also by King Doan.


  • Prometheus -- First Throne; formerly serialed R66-Y.
  • Atropos -- Second Throne; formerly serialed R145-X. Mother of Primus with Robo. Has fallen due to FATE's influence.
  • Primus -- Firstborn of the Archons; the son of Prometheus and Atropos. Currently the ruler of the Archons.
  • Zalatian -- Minister of Trumpets; formerly serialed R-ZL4. Endured a Fall to help Primus remove his mother from the Throne.
  • Seraphistus -- Minister of Wands; formerly serialed R86-S.
  • Brieme -- Minister of Chalices; formerly serialed R-B46.
  • Vembriel -- Minister of Lanterns; formerly serialed R91-V.
  • Ezereal -- Minister of Helms; formerly serialed B84-E.
  • Ellacarzel -- Minister of Wardens; formerly serialed C554-L.
  • Mellevon -- Minister of Bells; formerly serialed P76-M.





Crystal Dimension

  • Hernandez, Bleda -- White Mage with Paladin Training; Commander-in-Chief of the Army of the Commonwealth and Liaison to the Order of Paladins Templar
  • Megeron, Horst -- Black Mage, Chairman of Mysidia's MAC delegation.
  • Morrigan, Fevel -- Black Mage; Mysidian Minister of Labor and Industry
  • Nyx -- White Mage, Chief Diplomat of Mysidia
  • Pax, Vortigern -- Sage of Mysidia
  • Phlan, Mandeimos -- Black Mage, Interior Minister of Mysidia
  • Zulena of the Clock -- Ex-patriate Merger Time Mage; Overseer of Mysidia's Dragonpaw State
Porcine Republic

Merge Dimension

The Merge League
Surgatians and Quelbans

Alter Dimension

  • Basla, Oderic -- Knight-Commodore of the Forthenan Grand Fleet
  • Basla, Winona -- The late King Richard's eldest daughter, and Knight Commodore Basla's wife; chairwoman of Forthena's MAC delegation
  • Ferrant, Duran -- Former King of Forthena and former Mana Knight of Alter, deceased
  • King Richard -- Last King of the Mambrino line. With only daughters and no sons, he left the throne to the Mana Knight, Duran Ferrant, when he died.
  • Manders, Henrik -- A Wendel-born Elementalist Priest, married to the late King Richard's fifth daughter to solidify diplomatic ties between Forthena and Wendel. Killed by Val's Warriors of Discord.
  • Nemead, Lionel -- A Neko, president of Adetum Engines. Divorced from his first wife, Prosperity, and re-married to Henrik Manders' widow, Mia.
  • Nemead, Mia -- King Richard's fifth daughter, Praetor Henrik's widow. Currently married to Lionel Nemead.
  • Ricrot, Athena -- The late King Richard's fourth daughter, and Carno's widow. Not especially bright, and not complicit in Carno's schemes. Married off to Irzoile to solidify his legitimacy as King.
  • Ricrot, Irzoile -- King of Forthena and Mana Knight of Alter
  • Terithran, Carno -- An Altenan-born wizard who was secretly affiliated with the Merge League's Seeders. Killed by the Beast King Larc and his sister Sierra.
  • Wingflash, Phaethon -- A Krydion devotee of k'Tyr. He and his wife Val allied with Carno to sow chaos in the Forthenan royal court. Was caught in Irzoile's trap and publicly executed as a traitor.
  • Wingflash, Val -- The late King Richard's third daughter, and Phaethon's wife. Phaethon provided Val with the unholy k'Tyr texts that allowed her to study and become a Tyranid. She and her husband colluded with Carno Terithran, and was killed in battle with the Beast King Larc and his sister Sierra.
  • Aigrand -- An Elf, and chairman of Altena's MAC delegation.
  • DeMere, Angela -- Witch Queen of Altena; entered the Sleep of Death after Duran was killed
  • Du'Mere -- Mephianse's brother, and Irwin's uncle; cursed with the form of a berserking Yeti by a Jumi warlord centuries ago. Du'Mere retains enough sense to recognize Mephianse and Irwin as his kin, but is otherwise of animal intelligence. Du'Mere serves as Irwin's bodyguard.
  • Irwin Haer'Dalis -- The half-demon son of Mephianse, and former apprentice of Thesenis. Elected by Four Masters as the Witch King of Altena.
  • Kathinja -- A Demon and one of the Four Masters of the Academy of the Arcane in Geo
  • Mephianse -- A Demon and one of the Four Masters of the Academy of the Arcane. Kathinja's rival
  • Nunuzac -- A powerful Conjurer, whose physical body is lost and who is represented on the physical plane by a floating tiled disc. One of the Four Masters of the Academy of the Arcane
  • Thesenis -- An Undead sorceress and one of the Four Masters of the Academy of the Arcane
  • Uspo, Auken -- Admiral of Altena's naval forces. A Dohwar.
  • Beast King Kev -- With Duran Ferrant, Angela DeMere, Hawkeye Navarre, Reisz Rolante and Charlotte Lightbringer, Kevin Godhand was one of the Six Heroes of the War of Threes. Following the war, Kevin became the Beast King of Bestia, succeeding his father before him, but he was ousted by a Beast Knight named Larc in the ritual Challenge of Fang and Claw. His whereabouts since being defeated by Larc are unknown.
  • Dervish, Larc -- A Beast Knight of the Beast Kingdom, Larc challenged Beast King Kev for rulership of the Beast Kingdom and won. Larc is a party to Irzoile's schemes, and under his leadership the Beast Kingdom is solidly allied with Forthena.
  • Dervish, Sierra -- Larc's sister and a fellow Beast Knight. Appointed by Irzoile as the Provincial Regent of Altena to settle the succession of the Witch Monarch.
  • Mareshi, Reika -- Chairwoman of the Bestian MAC delegation.
  • Bishop Charlotte I -- The recognized leader of Alterian Elementalism.
  • Liotte, Escad -- Captain of the Bishop's Holy Guard.
  • Praetor Matilda -- A ranking member of the Wendel church's clerical hierarchy. Praetor of Gato Grotto.
  • Praetor Anuella -- A ranking member of the Wendel church's clerical hierarchy. Praetor of the Meikiv Temple.
  • Daena -- A Neko warrior-monk assigned to be Matilda's bodyguard. Daena, Escad and Matilda all grew up together in Wendel.
  • Rubens -- A paladin assigned to be Matilda's bodyguard.
  • Father Nouvelle -- A male Harpy and lesser priest in the church hierarchy. Elevated by the Bishop to the Chairmanship of Wendel's MAC delegation.
The Immortals

City of Kupopolis




  • Dorsalfin, Dasro -- A Priman vampire, sired by Jasmina
  • DuCire, Jasmina -- A vampire with an axe to grind against Manta
  • Manta -- Priman mercenary, Celpo operative, El Presidente for Life of Tunlan
  • Vashkoff -- A vampire from Dragon. Sired Jasmina. Has a grudge against Manta.


Crystalese Characters


Kakkaran Characters

SRAN Characters

Tasnican Characters

X Stryker


Terra Nostra


Derelict Characters

The list of characters below were created by departed Kupopolis writers. They're included in the Wiki both for completeness and (in a few cases) to make fun of them.

Characters by Profession

Historical Characters