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The longest-running Kupopolis writer, Celiose (aka Travis) began writing in the story in May of 1995, as it was still transitioning from "Moogle Club" mode, and picked up the story shortly after Aurora left off. His major plot assets include the Grand Army, the Celpo, the Tasnica Republic, the Scandian League, the Kuat Consortium and Eblan. His most famous characters include Celiose Cole, Praxer Riose, Rhodes Palmerston, and Damien Gavalian. Responsible for the creation of Iron Writer, the Figgies, the first "megapost" and (in collaboration) Kupopolis Neo. Celiose served as honorific officiator of certain Kupopolis events such as Iron Writer and the Figgies. He also decides what year it is in Kupopolis.