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Caidin Maoul is often known simply as Caidin or "Comrade Caidin", as the total abolition of surnames was one of his goals. Caidin has the distinction of being the first avowed communist to become the head of state of a nation (Ticondera); his reign was also one of the most short-lived.

Like fellow revolutionary Travin Rumanski, Caidin first gained fame fighting the Dark Wrath as a guerilla fighter. The Great War had left many regimes in the Web weakened, and that of Empress Camilison was no exception. Vowing to provide food to the masses and "destroy all class enemies", Caidin rallied a base of support and seized power. Nobles and Camilison loyalists were forced into exile or hiding.

Caidin believed that the communist revolution would soon sweep over the rest of the Web. A proud Ticonderan, he had little love for the Grand Army, and tended it as a tool of capitalist oppression. Forging alliances with Kuvalla and Medina, Caidin launched the KMT War. What he had hoped would start with a bang started with a wimper as his Ultima weapons proved faulty; nonetheless, the Grand Army had to wage a lengthy campaign to depose him.

Faced with the destruction of his paradise, Caidin chose to commit suicide. He left no clear successor and many of his lieutenants killed each other for the right to rule. When the dust settled, Dain Kordridge presented Ticondera's surrender. Dain, like Travin Rumanski, Alkar the Black, and other communist leaders chose to join GACA rather than oppose it.

Despite his dubious decision to attack the GA and his ultimate defeat, Caidin is still an inspiration for communists today. There are times when he is seen as an almost romantic figure, a hero with unattainable dreams trying to change the world; a sort of communist Rudra Tairen, practically. Outside the Communist Protectorate, Caidin's name is mainly invoked as an example of why not to go to war with the GA.