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Moogles are one of the more prevalent races, but they are on the decline. Moogles are often diminutive, hirsute mammalian humanoids. They are genetically related to both bats and moles, evidenced by their vestigial bat-like wings and tendency to live in shallow subterranean depths. Their fur typically ranges from tan to white or light gray, with their wings and eyes taking on an unusually broad variety of colors. The "bobble" at the end of a Moogle's antenna (a feature which only the Moogles from Esper and Kuvalla have) is generally either yellow, orange or red.

Moogles are native to the Esper, Mana, Merge, Alter and Kuvalla dimensions. They are known to practice a unique form of magic, channeled through elemental dances, and they also have enormous telepathic/psionic potential. Additionally, they are known to be adept at communication with animals, and are practicioners of Black Magic and Time Magic. Moogles also have a connection with and affinity for Yeti.

The City of Kupopolis was founded by Moogles, and Moogles remain one of the city's dominant races.

Moogles have some connection to the malicious Ooglets, but what exactly that connection is remains a closely guarded Mooglish secret.

Moogle Interfertility

As surprising as it may be to some, Moogles are interfertile with humans. This occurs very rarely, as there are few places remaining where humans and moogles mingle with enough frequency to allow for these rare half-breedings. Examples of half-moogles can be found in Tasnica, Kuvalla and the Bal (which is in the Merge Dimension). Half-Moogles rarely evidence very much in the way of mixed-traits; these children appear either fully human or fully moogle (though they may end up being just slightly shorter than the human norm).

Famous Kupopolis Moogle Characters