Henrik Manders

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Henrik Manders
Full name: Henrik Manders
Birthplace: The Holy City of Wendel, Alter-Mana
Sex: Male
Race: Human
Hair: White, balding
Eyes: Hazel
Height: 5'9"
Marital Status: Married to Mia Mambrino Manders
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Religion: Alterian Elementalist
Title: Praetor of the Holy Wendelian Church of the Goddess
Known skills: Praetor Manders was a Mana Priest, primarily beholden to the elemental Wisp/Lumina.
Favorite color:

Henrik Manders was a Wendel-born Elementalist priest. He spent most of his life and career in the Holy City of Wendel, working his way up through the clerical hierarchy of the Church. He attained the rank of Praetor just prior to the start of the War of Threes, and was dispatched by Bishop Lumenos as an ambassador to the Kingdom of Forthena.

With Lumenos' blessing, Praetor Manders became the official head of the Church in Forthena. Around the time of Alter's discovery by the Guardians, King Richard offered his youngest daughter Mia to the Praetor as his wife. It was a gesture that was intended to solidify the relationship between Forthena and the Church, and a subtle move against Khan Hawkeye Navarre of Naba'al, who had been maneuvering his desert kingdom into a close relationship with Wendel for two decades.

Praetor Manders met his end during the investigatory visit of Janville Dussert, the Guardian ambassador to Forthena. He was killed by a Warrior of Discord created by his sister in law, Val Mambrino Wingflash.