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Welcome to Kupopolis, an online interactive story.

No one knows the exact date that Kupopolis started, but it was probably late 94/early 95. Back then, Kupopolis was a "Moogle Club" -- you may know the type. Light Moogles and Dark Moogles, running around, building airships, and poking each other with sharp sticks. All in all, it was greatly lame.

So what the hell happened to make this place so great? Sometime after Kupopolis's conception, a writer who was known by her moniker "Aurora" started to introduce writings to Kupopolis that more closely resembled brief fanfics than moogle nonsense. The idea caught on, and slowly Kupopolis transformed from a home for moogles to a relay of a story complete with characters, settings, and even its own mythology.

Since then, Kupopolis has continued to evolve, welcoming new writers and watching as others step out. Kupopolis has assimilated traits from each writer to cross its path, slowly transforming it over the years from a Moogle club to a story comprised of hastily scripted scenes and finally to its current state -- an incredible story universe with infinite possibilities and a scope that can never be fully realized.

For a more detailed explanation, check out Kupopolis:Introduction.

The Kupopolis Franchise

A short list and summary of the various spin-offs and associated bodies of work that comprise Kupopolis' extended family.

Kupopolis (proper)

The start of it all, direct descendent of the AOL Webboard-based story, and brought to you by Sliver BB code. The main storyboards are sometimes referred to as "Kupopolis Proper", which is often shortened to "Proper" or "Kuproper". This is to distinguish it from the Iron Writer and Kupopolis Neo storyboards. Most Kupopolis regulars simply call it "Kupopolis", being that it is the original and by far the best of its franchise family.


A "year"-long spinoff story, set roughly 100 years ahead of the modern era in Kupopolis. Many Kupopolis regulars got a chance to advance their story assets in age by 100 years and do stuff that they would never, never think of doing in the main story (such as disband the Grand Army, kill off Celiose Cole and all but destroy mainstay story settings like Tasnica, Guardia, Esper and the Crystal Dimension). Because of the drastic changes (and heavy damages!) that are racked up by the end of the story, Neo's timeline is generally considered to be an alternate timeline.

Iron Writer

An infrequently-held contest, held whenever we can get around to organizing people to get it going, where contestants submit a story within certain rules and using three pre-selected ingredients. Iron Writers have about a week to write, and the top three winners get to pick the ingredients at the next contest.