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What is Kupopolis?

Kupopolis is an Interactive Story, set in an interconnected series of solar systems known as the Web of Worlds. It is a story that has been written online since 1995 by a number of different authors writing together in a shared universe. Kupopolis mainly falls into the fantasy genre, inasmuch as traditional "genre" classifications help to describe the Kupopolis story in anything resembling a helpful way. Space travel and exploration are integral to several running plotlines, but there are also more traditional fantasy staples (such as elves and magic) present throughout the story. Explanations and justifications for "the way things work" in Kupopolis are often either scientifically-based (as they would be in a pure science-fiction story), or magically-based, or equal parts each. Humans tend to be the most common sentient race, but there are multitudes of non-human races in every world the story touches. Kupopolis' history is the collection of chronicled tales of Gods, heroes and kingdoms, their interactions among each other, and invariably conflicts and wars between the same. There are also giant robots.

The world's (second) quickest Kupopolis summary

Kupopolis' setting is the Web of Worlds (or Web, for short). The Web is comprised of a number of "Dimensions." These "Dimensions" are, in fact, more properly called planets, but they were named such because at the time that the various Dimensions first discovered one another space travel between the worlds was not possible, and scholars conceived of each of the worlds as distinct universes unto themselves, accessible only by Gates.

As the Web coalesced, there was a time of high adventure. Gods and heroes traversed the different Dimensions freely, Good and Evil embarking upon quests and schemes against one another, seeking out artifacts and weapons and great power and magic.

Not long after the four Primary Core Dimensions (Crystal, Mana, Light and Dragon) discovered one another, there began a war - The Great War - between the forces of the Light Gods - whose mortal followers would eventually form into the Grand Army - and the Dark Gods - whose followers would slowly coalesce into what was known as the Dark Wrath.

The Grand Army triumphed and the Dark Gods] were banished to The Place Which Is No More. Realizing that their followers had grown beyond need of them, many Light Gods would voluntarily enter into a similar banishment.

After its victory, the Grand Army was then challenged by those who felt that it had grown too powerful; those who made war on the Grand Army were defeated, and then soon after Giant Ants from space also challenged the Grand Army. The Grand Army beat them, too. Take that, Giant Ants from space.

Giant Ants from space notwithstanding, eventually the Grand Army ran out of foes to destroy, and so became dormant. Thus did the balance of power (and focus of the story) begin to shift towards mighty nations - particularly the Great Powers. These nations rapidly sought to expand their power and influence in a period that became known as the Age of Imperialism. Of particular note during this period was the innovation of interdimensional space travel -- pioneered by the Guardians, this would become the hallmark of all four Great Powers, and it would be what sets a Great Power apart from a not-so-great power. Take that, not-so-great powers.

When these mighty nations make war on each other, it is truly a terrible thing to behold - particularly the Leviathan War, fought primarily between Scande and the Esper Union, which ended in a stalemate and devastated all parties involved. The devastation of this war has created a time of fragile peace amongst the four Great Powers, though that era seems about to come to a close as Guardia and Scande begin to pursue hostilities with each other more aggressively and openly.

The story universe is highly mutable at the moment. Can war be averted, and peace maintained? Are any of the Great Powers ripe for a fall, and will new Great Powers rise to take their place? Will the Light Gods bring an end to their self-imposed exiles and return to the Web? -- and will the Dark Gods find a way to end their long imprisonment? Can heroes of the Web stop them if they do? And what of Giant Robots? -- what of them, I ask you?

Where can I find Kupopolis, and how can I get started?


You can log in anonymously and read, or sign up for an account if you wish to write as well. We recommend that you talk to one of the regular writers before you begin to write; we can help you get started and give you plot ideas, and perhaps offer to interact. Getting together and writing interactively is Kupopolis at its best.