Kupopolis: The Legend of Sahl Endeberg

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This was an interactive story spinoff from the main Kupopolis story. It was the long-anticipated, post-Neo spinoff story, and lasted from April 1, 2008 until April 2, 2008. By all accounts it was the most successful, exciting and beloved spinoff from an Interactive Story in the history of the Internets.

The Plot of Sahl Endeberg

Sahl Endeberg becomes the Sovereign Executive of the Alliance Congress after the mysterious death of Rhodes Palmerston. Following his swearing into office, he goes off to find himself in Aryth, and no sooner does he set foot through the Arythian Gate than the Web of Worlds is instantly invaded by Hivans, Hajes, the Shadow Dimension, Cylons, and clowns from Foo. This unholy alliance is lead by cybernetic clones of the Dark Gods, each one of which has its own customized Seraphim, along with the half-moogle offspring of Burzmale Julian, and a hobo naked under a trench coat.

After being rescued from Aryth by Snoutwit, Sahl Endeberg is recruited by Celiose Cole to save the Web of Worlds -- but at what cost, Sahl Endeberg, at what cost?!?

He gets the girl in the end.

Major Characters of Sahl Endeberg

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Differences from Kupopolis Proper of Sahl Endeberg

  • More Endeberg than you can shake a stick at
  • Rules to limit the shaking of sticks at things
  • Shorter time frame
  • Was quite beloved