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A dangerous Vodoun ritual, until recently, it was forbidden on the isle of Malcovia, because it was said that the Loa did not approve of it. Indeed, any houngans or mambos who attempted the Shadow-Walk either failed or emerged from the ritual insane.

The Shadow-Walk is similar to the Vodoun ritual known as the Spirit-Walk, in which the spirit of the caster leaves the body and travels through the Spirit World to witness distant events in the world. In the Shadow-Walk, however, the caster physically enters and travels through the Spirit World.

There are many dangers associated with entering the Spirit World in ANY fashion. There are vengeful spirits that may attack the intruder, as well as the amorphous, soul-devouring creatures called the 'Things That Should Not Be.' (Some call them 'Shadow-Beasts.') As such, it is important to enter the Spirit World with protection while performing the Shadow-Walk, such as by sating the Shadow-Beasts with a fresh soul.

In addition, one cannot enter the Spirit World during a Shadow-Walk without having a destination beforehand. Wandering aimlessly through the Spirit World invites trouble of the worst kind. With a destination in mind, a path can be seen when entering the Other Side, and it is vitally important not to leave that path, lest the doorways on either end be closed forever, leaving one stranded in the Spirit World. This condition can also come about if one turns back once entering the Spirit World; the path will be lost if one does this.

On Malcovia especially the danger is even greater while performing the Shadow-Walk. In recent memory, only two men have attempted the Shadow-Walk. The first was one of Malcovia's former kings, Papa Hoosha, who emerged from the Spirit World insane. The second was Hoosha's grandson, Brer Rabbey, who successfully completed the ritual with no ill effects. This act secured Rabbey the throne and he became King of Malcovia.