Han Phi

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Han Phi is a Fabul military leader. A veteran of the Great War, he was a serving Major in the Fabul Armed Forces in charge of a brigade of Yang Light Combat Vehicles by the time of the Leviathan War. He encountered the lead elements of a Damcyanese invasion through the Arderine Pass, and repulsed it. Counterattacking with great elan, he managed to dive deep into Damcyan's territory before Scandian reinforcements put a halt to his drive.

Han Phi became a national hero received a promotion. He was, however, somewhat critical of the state of the Fabul Armed Forces, believing that it was too bloated and relied too heavily on imported weapons. Although Fabul's policy of compulsory military service gave it a big army, Han Phi worried that it was a "paper tiger" that would rapidly fold in any real confrontation with Toroia, the Scandian League, or even the Mysidian Commonwealth. To address some of his criticisms, Tzu Mao put the general in charge of the new Gold Banner Army (an idea they TOTALLY didn't steal from the Eblan's Mobile Corps.)