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E-Rock is the all-encompassing term for Eblanese rock music, a genre that includes everything from the godsawful pop-inspired ditties that serve as themes for cartoon shows, to bombastic glam rock and hardcore punk. E-Rock is especially popular with teenage girls, as most E-rockers are pretty, androgynous boys. However, hardcore E-Rockers dismiss the mainstream E-Rock scene, preferring the "indies" or independent scene as musically superior to the label-driven, manufactured stuff on the radio.

Ironically, the most underground form of E-Rock in Eblan is the most popular form of E-Rock outside the country: visual kei, or VK. This subset of E-Rock is basically the Eblanese version of Ticonderan glam rock. VK is as varied as E-Rock in general, and hard to pin down musically, but the one thing all VK bands have in common is an increased emphasis on presentation; the look of the band is as important as the music (critics of VK snidely say that appearance is more important, though this criticism is dismissed by those in the VK scene as a baseless stereotype). VK bands constantly try to one up each other with increasingly outrageous costumes, and the average VK concert tends to resemble a masquerade ball. VK fans emulate their favorite bands, and it is common for packs of teens to dress up as their favorite band members and scare old people and small children in parks. VK is especially popular with goths overseas, because the most popular VK bands, indies pioneers Die My Darlings and LesDespairs, are at the gothic end of the VK spectrum. When The Banque in Ticondera started hosting a VK theme night, the idea caught on, and most goth clubs have one now. Moonchild, the most popular goth band in the web, has openly cited VK as an influence.

Grown folks in Eblan generally point to E-Rock as proof of the decline of modern Eblanese culture and chase those damned kids off their lawns.