The Waterguard

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The Waterguard is the navy of the FTSR. It was also Ticondera's navy did before the breakup, and indeed, most of the Waterguard was retained by the Federation. The Waterguard is the premier naval force on Light III, and is definitely among the better navies of the Web. In addition to a few Scandian-made carriers and a decent-sized force of destroyers, the main focus of the Waterguard is on its large submarine fleet of silent Scandian Wavekillers and their domestically developed variant, the Wavekiller Zero. The Wave-Zero, as it is sometimes called, was designed not only for stealth, but also endurance; a crew could survive for several months on recycled air and water (and very careful rationing) at very high pressures, perhaps lurking off the coast of a major city, lying in wait for the signal to attack. The number and location of Wave-Zeroes are a very closely guarded secret.