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Among the Taznikanze, each city or settlement had an assembly of learned, wealthy, or otherwise respected men who attempted to settle disputes (as an alternative to duels) and attempt to manage the affairs of the community. Very large communities, like Taznikaport, would also have 'neighborhood Senates' (Landsenate), as a lower administrative layer to the city Senate. The presiding officer of the Senate was the Proconsul, which rotated every four months. All free Taznikanze had the right to speak before the Senate. (Which just confirmed their contemporaries suspicions that the Taznikanze were a bunch of unruly rabble.)

In theory, there existed the Al-Senate, a Senate representing the entire Taznikanze people, but that only met in times of great crisis or upheaval. Hauscarl the Lionheart summoned such an Al-Senate.