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Although many vehicles in the Web are built for "light combat", "Light Combat Vehicles" capital L capital C capital V for LCV are most strongly associated with the Esper Union, built by Esperian Motor Works. Originally intended as the vanguard of the United Esper Soldiery, which envisioned fast-moving ground vehicles to keep up with the fast-striking air force of Sky Riders and battlesuits. However, in this role they suffered from a lack of armor protection in the Leviathan War against the Scandian League. After the war the EU reformed their armored units around the KN-Series, though LCVs remain a common sight in support roles.

These vehicles are often exported, especially to former Fascist Pact countries with close ties to the Esper Union.

The variants have a similar chassis, but different armaments. Esperian Motor Works has adopted the philosophy of building specialist vehicles for various roles.

  • Locke LCV is a missile-based, artillery support platform, which some have likened to the GA Nebelwerfer (and the [[Scandian League copied for their Katyusha).
  • Celes LCV relies on magitek beam emitters (MBE), allowing it to dish out fiery, icy, or lightning-y death
  • Gau LCV is is the 'ballistics' or 'dakka' variant, loaded down with twin-linked assault cannons and a bevy of machine guns. BRRRRRRRRRRRT!
  • Yang LCV, originally developed for Fabul. The Fabulians preferred an "all-rounder", and so the Yang is armed with an autocannon, machinegun, and a duet of anti-tank missiles; the Yang is also somewhat better-protected at the cost of speed.