City of Souls

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Series of quirky open-world video games taking place in the high-tech, futuristic City of Soule. Most of the games have overly-complicated plots dealing with souls, memory, and the existence of reality. The graphical style has an impressionist, dreamlike quality to it.

The game series is equally famous for allowing players to indulge in unconventional play styles; in addition to standard combat and dialogue options, it is possible to "win" the game by becoming a pop singer, or an award-winning chef. Even years after its release, players are still discovering secrets and alternate routes.

Also known for its catchy K-Pop soundtrack.

Praised by its fans as "a true work of art" from "a true auteur" that "elevates the medium," and slammed by its detractors as "pretentious bullshit" with an "overcomplicated plot" that "isn't fun to play."