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After the rise of Troy Sordana to the top job of Atreus, many were excited to see what new weapons the company would produce if it would return to its glory days in the small arms market. In the "good old days" of Eusic Mori, Atreus assault rifles were common in the Web's militaries and some thought the company may try to reclaim its former prominence.

Imagine the surprise of many when Atreus's first new small arms product in years was a humble light pistol. At first, people balked at it; the Bulleteer didn't use any new technology, had a snub-nosed barrel that gave impacted recoil, had a small-ish clip size (12), and was constructed of cheap plastics. Many compared it unfavorably with the Kuat N2 Warden.

However, the Bulleteer was never intended to compete with Kuat's heavy, mil-spec pistol; it was a clever marketing move, rather than a technological one. Sordana (correctly) realized that Kuat and other manufacturers had fallen into a trap of building pistols only for military and government contracts, leaving the large civilian market underserved. The Bulleteer was designed to be light, portable, convenient, and cheap. It was also small and easy to conceal, making it popular with 'concealed carry' enthusiasts (and criminals.)

Although it was not picked up by any military, the Bulleteer was enough of a hit in the civilian market to put Atreus back on the map of small arms manufacturers.