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It should be noted that 'Dimensions' in Kupopolis are almost identical solar systems. The places listed are typically on the third planet from the sun.

Places by Dimension

"Planets have life, they’re busy to look at. Each one’s different, too. Crystal’s oceans are a little bluer, while Gate’s more colorful. More browns and reds you can look at. And the grass really is greener in Merge"

The places below are listed by dimension, the dimensions being listed in alphabetical order.

Advent Dimension

Alter Dimension

Aryth Dimension

Carrion Dimension

Crystal Dimension

Dantic Dimension

Dragon Dimension

Esper Dimension

Foo Dimension

Gate Dimension

Kupira Dimension


Kupopolis Dimension

Kuvalla Dimension

Light Dimension

Mana Dimension

Merge Dimension

The Place Which is No More

Other Places

Popular Landmarks

Geography lists